6 Best Rated BBQ Grills – 2017

When summer comes rolling around the corner, the first thing on your mind is probably going to be the wonderful scent of a sizzling steak. Grilling is part of what makes summer so amazing, but owning one of the best rated BBQ grills is the only way to truly appreciate it. While there are tons of BBQ grill reviews available online, our barbecue comparison chart along with our helpful shopping tips will allow you to quickly find the ideal BBQ grill for your needs and budget.

Loaded with tons of unique features and exclusive perks, each barbecue grill is different. We tested out a bunch of them and we ended up with 6 finalists. If you're looking for the top rated grills, you're in luck because every single barbecue comparison below is worth owning. Explore our list of the best rated BBQ grills of 2017 right now and start grilling burgers, hot-dogs, steaks and more while enjoying the beautiful summer months at their best!

Top 6 Best Rated Outdoor Grills - Barbecue Comparison

How to Buy the Best BBQ Grill 

Knowing what to search for when shopping for a BBQ grill isn't always easy. Many people wonder "what is the best BBQ grill", but few people actually consider the features that they truly need. It's not necessarily worth overspending on extra grill features if you never even intend on using them. We're going to cover some of the most important factors to consider so you won't have to wonder how to buy a BBQ grill any longer. Browse our BBQ grill buying tips now.

  • Charcoal vs. Gas - The big question for most homeowners buying their first BBQ grill is whether they should opt for a charcoal grill or a gas grill. This will ultimately come down to personal preferences, but the budget should also play a major role. Charcoal grills are very cheap when compared to gas grills, but they require much more work and time to get them started. Most gas grills simply require you to turn a knob. The taste and flavors also play a role. Charcoal grills have a smokier, more natural taste, but food cooked on a gas grill also has a very savory taste. 
  • Stainless Steel - If you decide to opt for a gas grill, stainless steel is the best outer material to opt for. It's highly resistant to heat and is extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. However, it's important to cover your grill when not in use in order to avoid getting it wet from rainfall. The last thing you want is for your new grill to be full of rust within a year. 
  • Burners - The amount of types of burners on your grill are also very important to consider. If you're a family of 4, 3 or 4 burners should be more than enough. However, if you're a larger family or if you often have many guests over, you may want to consider a larger cook surface with more burners. This will allow you to cook more food in shorter amounts of time. Also consider the type of burners that are built-in. Some grills come with "keep-warm" burners, infrared burners and searing burners.
  • Rotisserie - If you love chicken, you'll probably want to opt for one of the best rated BBQ grills that include a rotisserie kit. This allows you to cook a rotisserie chicken to perfection as it slowly turns on its own. These kits can also be bought separately, such as Amazon's OneGrill Heavy Duty Universal Grill Rotisserie Kit. However make sure that your barbecue is equipped with rotisserie kit compatible holes.
62 %
Gas Grills

A survey conducted in 2015 showed that nearly 62% of Americans owned a gas grill, be it natural gas or propane. Roughly 40% reported owning a charcoal grill and a small percentage actually own both types of grills. 

Gas grills are by far the option of choice for most homeowners, particularly due to their ease of use. However, charcoal grills are still a major part of grilling in America.

Now that you know what you need and what you want out of a barbecue grill, it's time to look at our barbecue comparison chart in more depth. We narrowed it down even further by providing you with BBQ grill reviews of the 3 best rated BBQ grills from our chart above. Make sure to look over our full reviews so you can truly find the top rated grills for your needs and budget. Remember, these are the best grills for home use in 2017.

3 Best Rated BBQ Grill Reviews

Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro 665

Napoleon Grills Prestige PRO 665

If you're willing to go all out and want to treat yourself to a grill worthy of a king, the Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro 665 is one of the top of the line grills worth considering. This outstanding grill features 8 stainless steel burners, including an infrared side burner for the ultimate control. This gourmet grill features stainless steel wave cooking grills, the most coveted grill types on the market. With the grills made from stainless steel, they are incredibly easy to clean and they provide much more durability. The side burner ceramic brick is capable of cooking perfect side dishes and it can reach over 1,800 degrees in under 30 seconds. The included rotisserie kit allows you to cook chickens up to 25 lbs. If you're looking for the ultimate grill this summer, the Napoleon Grills Prestige Pro 665 model should be the option at the top of your list.

Weber 741001 Original Kettle

Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

All the way at the other end of the price range, the Weber 741001 Original Kettle charcoal grill is available for just an extremely low price. With great affordability still comes extremely high quality. Weber is the best brand for charcoal grills and has been for decades. This 22-inch model is ideal for mid-size families and small parties due to the rather impressive 363 square inch cooking surface. The aluminum ash catcher makes cleaning up a breeze, especially with the one-touch cleaning system, which makes emptying the grill simple. This grill is made from steel and is coated with a porcelain enamel, providing you with an incredibly durable and resistant surface. If you're looking for the amazing taste of charcoal combined with durability, quality and affordability, the Weber 741001 Original Kettle grill is the best option for you.

Broil King 986884 Signet 90

Broil King 986884 Signet 90 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Another one of the top rated grills of 2017 is the Broil King 986884 Signet 90 series. This grill features three stainless steel dual-tube burners, which are capable of delivering an impressive 40,000 BTUs of heat. The 10,000 BTU side burner makes it great for cooking side dishes or keeping your meals warm and the rear burner provides an impressive 15,000 BTUs of heat. With the included rotisserie kit, you will be able to cook chicken to perfection every time and this grill has a whopping 635 square inches of cooking surface. The heavy duty cast iron cooking grills are reversible and can easily be cleaned after each meal. The therma-cast aluminum cook box and lid provide you with a perfectly even heat distribution, providing you with well and evenly cooked meals every time. If you're looking for one of the best rated BBQ grills without having to spend thousands of dollars, you're going to love the Broil King 986884 Signet 90.